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At Nocal Digital Solutions, We sell & install high grade deep cycle battery for renewable energy solution(Solar,Inverter and Telecoms Systems).

Our Brands inlcude: PRAG, LUMINOUS, GENUS, QUANTA, SINERGY, SUKAM and EXIDE Batteries.

Features of Typical Deep Cycle Battery (LUMINOUS)

An example of Deep Cycle Battery is Luminous 150AH Battery. With cutting edge process controls in line with international standards, this Luminous tubular battery will not only charge faster but last much longer. This reduces your energy consumption which in turn, increases your financial savings.

Battery Capacity:

Luminous  Battery has 150 AH capacity and has versatile applications such as UPS systems, process instrumentation and controls, telecommunication systems, fire alarm security systems, cable TV equipment, cash registers, electronic attendance, power plants and substations, etc.

Battery Design:

Luminous  Battery is manufactured using HADI high pressure casting machine which helps in maintaining void free, uniform grain structure. It is made up of high quality rust proof proprietary spine alloy which ensures long service life. Tubular plate construction of the battery ensures uniform distribution of positive active material for a superior performance. It has a highly puncture resistant DARAMIC-USA separator that minimizes the possibility of short circuit between the electrodes. The inter partition connection in the battery ensures excellent charge acceptance and lowest internal resistance.


Luminous  Battery comprises of positive plates which are made up of tubes holding lead dioxide. The negative plate is a flat pasted plate. This battery has a flooded electrolyte design in which the electrolyte is stored in a liquid form. The water in the electrolyte requires replenishment on periodic basis depending on the design of the battery. Under repeated 80% depth of discharge, this tubular battery survives at least 1200 cycles of charge and discharge.

Other Features:

Luminous Battery is the sturdiest among all lead acid batteries for deep discharge, heavy cycling and recharge operation. This long lasting tubular battery is extremely affordable and carries many attractive warranty features.

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