Engineers on site: Installing Solar Panels
Our CCTV Camera System

Nocal Digital Solutions Ltd is best positioned to provide professional ICT services,
Security and Energy to our clients.We major in the design, installation & Sales of
Solar Energy, Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) and Computer Services for major
organizations in Nigeria. As an ICT firm, we are dedicated to expanding and enhancing
our businesses by offering superior products with a high level of quality and unmatched
support in the industry.

Our greatest synergy lies in the strength of our high caliber technical staff that
responds professionally and dependably to our corporate policy of offering only tailor-
made solutions to our clients within Nigeria.

Our Main products include:
Solar Panels
Deep Cycle batteries
Charge Controllers
CCTV Cameras
Digital Video Recoders, DVR
Alarm Systems and
Software etc

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Solar Products

Deep Cycle Batteries
Solar Street Lights
Power Inverters
Solar Panels
Charge Controllers

CCTV Security Products

CCTV Camera
Digital Video Recorder
RG59 Cable
ALarm System
CCTV in School Bus

Nocal Digital Services

Solar Installation Training
NYSC Training on Skill Acquisition
Training On CCTV Installation
CCTV Training 2
ICT Training
Solar Installation
Solar Installation 2
CCTV Installation